Lili Lee

Eun Young Lee (Lili) is an artist from South Korea. 
She has been working with East Asian painting for over a decade. Her works feature a contemporary approach towards Oriental painting, mainly composed of optical points, lines, and planes on rice paper.
Lee deconstructs the fragile surface of the paper by repeatedly overlapping shapes and lines until she finds the perfect balance of rhythm. Her works focus on the actions and processes of the making rather than the finished works itself.
Lee is inspired by sculptured mobiles, the shapes and the colours of Bauhaus furniture.
Her works are meant to be seen moving in motion as if the audience is going through a variety of dimensions.

She mostly uses Chinese ink to paint on layered rice paper stretched over wood panel.

Opposed to Western medium which one could work around the process of art-making; She practices encourages her to work through it. 

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